Natural Sea Water in Sheffield

Now supplying the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area Natural Sea Water for all our customers. 

Our natural sea water is abstracted directly from the ocean, under licence from the UK Environment Agency
We source all our NSW from a licensed commercial supplier situated on the South coast of England just off the coast of Dorset from a deep water pipe line 1 mile out to sea away from any pollutants, shipping lanes or land run off..  This gives us perfect clean NSW for our live stock to thrive in...   We also test the water too using state of the art testing facilities at Triton Lab ....

Fresh Natural Sea Water Delivery

ICP Testing

We test all our water on new deliveries to verify the current water parameters for those hobbyists who are interested in the chemistry side of things and are welcome to see a copy on request.  We use Triton ICP Lab testing for all our water testing...   NSW will fluctuate from test to test due to tides and storm seasons giving a slight reading with each collection but overall will be very stable...

Benefits of using Natural Sea Water

Natural seawater contains superior water conditions that will encourage fish, corals and inverts to thrive in captivity. The benefits include an instant cycling process for your aquarium, as the seawater holds over 11 million forms of live bacteria per 4.55 litres, that will be absorbed into your reef rocks, corals and gravel enriching your water to natural seawater conditions. Additionally, seawater is enriched with all the proper and well established essentail elements such as; Calcium, Iodine, Magnesium, Cobalt Potassium and Zinc. It will also Maintain a proper pH/ALK by providing improved buffering capacity.

Our Storage

We store our water on site at Fit Filtration in large food grade water holding tanks with a holding capacity of 34,000 litres...   We oxygenate the water to keep the microscopic life  and beneficial bacterias alive for long periods.

Our huge holding tank storage area the roof is approx 4.5 metres high 

We offer a delivery service for large volumes please call for price for your delivery area radius of 50 miles from Sheffield..... 

Pricing as of July 2023 £7.85 for 25 litres using your own water barrels. We also offer new empty 25 litre barrels to store your water in... or we can fill the barrels and deliver so you purchase the water and barrels together...

For deliveries of 25 - 300 litres click here to order today...



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