Anti Bacterial Medication 100ml

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Marine tanks are just as susceptible to bacterial infections as other aquariums. Fin rot, tail and mouth rot and ulcers are all nasty types of infection that can quickly spread. NT Labs Anti-Bacterial treatment will treat all of these afflictions easily, as well as the White Spot parasite in invertebrates

It can be used to treat Oodinium in an invertebrate reef tank and is safe to use where soft corals are present.

It is advisable that this treatment should not be used with other medicines.

Dosage: 10ml treats 44 litres / 50ml treats 220 litres.

Key Features:

  • Safe for use with invertebrates
  • Safe for use with soft corals
  • For marine use
  • Treatment of external bacterial infections


  • Acriflavine: 26.7mg / 100ml
  • Aminoacridine HCI: 26.7mg / 100ml
  • Formaldehyde: 754mg / 100ml

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