Biohome Marine Gravel

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Biogravel is an entirely new concept for filtration and is essentially a gravel made from sintered glass which has a wide range of applications. The latest development from Biohome, Biogravel is the ideal substrate for your tanks. It will not increase pH, supports growth of zooplankton and is the perfect playground for shimp. Having a porosity of approx. 42% it performs at a similar level to the Biohome Standard and Plus with the added benefit of being small enough to be used in very small situations.
The most obvious place for Biogravel is as a substrate in aquariums which have an under gravel system where it acts as not only a substrate but also an effective filter media too.
Many internal and HOB filters will have very limited provision for biological media so Biogravel is perfect to boost performance by offering an efficient media for bacterial action to occur.
It is most suitable as a shrimp and plant substrate, media for under gravel filter, internal filters, HOB filters and DIY filters made from ornaments.
The Biogravel is easily cleaned using gravel cleaner (if used as substrate) or by vigorous agitation in water drained off during tank maintenance. Complimentary filter starter balls are shipped with each order.

Sold in 1kg bags


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