H2 Oceans Fluidised Reactor FMR75

Option: FMR 75 Reactor only
Sale price£49.99


Fluidised media reactor  with or without pump version


Rowaphos or Phosphate Removers
Nutrifix Bio Pellets (Up to 700ml)
Biological Sand as a fluidised sand filter

128mm x 94mm x 440mm (including fittings and lid)
Reaction tube outer diameter - 80mm
Tube height between upper/lower perforated plates - 340mm
Can hang on glass up to 25mm
Designed to be the correct height to hang on a 15" Sump (will stand inside smaller sumps or hang onto taller sumps).

Fully Packaged Reactor

How often do you buy some equipment and then find you do not have all of the parts to install it?

The FMR 75 reactor is supplied with all of the items that you need to allow you to get going.

FMR reactor

1500 l/h pump included on FMR75 KIT model (now includes a 1000L/hr pump for better fluidising of Rowaphos when restricted )

3 x lengths of clear plastic tubing

Non return valve

Flow adjustment tap

2 Grades of media sponges

8 x cable ties for securing the pipework

For Kit version with feed pump.....   Allow 5-7 days for delivery




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