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Natural Sea water sourced off the Dorset coast line from a deep water supply line...   

We now hold 28,0000 litres of fresh natural sea water sourced from the clean waters of the South coast of the UK..  We deliver using our own transport within a 50 mile radius of Sheffield or can ship out using a courier service which will incur higher charges due to the barrels having to be shipped with your order...

We can deliver the water in 1000 litre IBC containers and the water is pumped into your aquarium or water vessel...  We can pump upto a distance 75 metres approx with our powerful 40,000 litres an hour pump to quickly fill your aquarium ...  The water arrives un-heated..

Most of our customers call into our store with typically 25 litre water barrels which you can also purchase from us at the time of your order.

We can also add RO Water on your order and deliver at the same time just drop us a message if you wish to add to this..

Deliveries by courier:

Your order and delivery cost includes the following.

1 x Barrel 25 litre yours to keep
1x  NSW 25 litres  (barrels filled to weight 25kilo which is approx 24.5 litres)
Delivery to your door by over night courier but please allow upto 48 hours

For larger orders of 500 litres or more for pump into your tank service we can deliver up to 60 miles please call or email us to arrange a price.

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