Red Sea Marine Care KH/Coralline Gro 500ml

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Coralline algae will grow naturally, without any special supplements in all reef systems optimised for hard corals. To promote coralline algae in fish only or soft coral aquariums the alkalinity needs to be maintained at approx 3 meq/l and specific minor and trace elements need to be readily available. Coralline Gro is a complex of carbonate buffers, potassium and trace elements such as iron formulated in the ratio taken up regulary by the coralline algae. Coralline Gro should be used instead of Reef Foundation B (buffer) supplement during the cycling of all new marine aquariums and on an ongoing basis in fish-only or soft corals systems. Coralline Gro should be dosed according to a measured drop in alkalinity with Reef Foundation KH / Alkalinity Pro test kit. Designed to work perfectly with Red Sea’s high-precision test kits, making them ideal for those with smaller aquariums. The new, smaller sizes feature the same full-strength solutions and comprehensive instructional guides as the existing, larger sizes.

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