Red Sea Reefer Drop Adaptor 25mm-1/2 Inch

Sale price£19.99


  • 25mm Slip-Fit-Drop adapter designed to attach to a Standard Red Sea Reefer Sump Pump Return Nozzle
  • Compatible with the 1/2in RFG Nozzle
  • 3D Printed in Reef Safe PETG Plastic


Red Sea Reefer Compatible Adapter

For the Random Flow Generator to work, it must be fully submerged. The Red Sea Reefer setup puts the return nozzle right at the water line. The Red Sea Reefer Adapter solves this by dropping the nozzle below the water line just enough for proper operation.

Pair this Adapter with a 1/2in RFG Nozzle, and you have the perfect random flow solution for your your reef tank.

Installation of the RFG Nozzle to the Red Sea Reefer Sump Pump Return Outlet Nozzle

Installation is easy and require no tools. Simply remove the nozzle extension and slide on the 25mm Slip-fit adapter. The RFG nozzle then attaches to the Adapter.

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