Reefix Polymer Glue

Size: 250ml
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ITC Reefix Polymer glue for glueing frags to your plugs

Fixing corals, Rocks or Frags in an aquarium is always something we have found to be more effort than we would like as Reef Keepers. You either have to mix up a two part epoxy for which you should really wear gloves, or get real sticky with a Superglue based products. Although these have been the standard for a few years now, they have never been ideal and we reckon Reefix is a better way forward. ITC have been working on this product for a good while now to come up with what we think is a great solution to make Reef Keepers lives easier.
Reefix is a thermal polymer specially formulated and adapted for use in Reef Aquariums. ITC worked with the manufacturer to reformulate the base compound to work in a way that is really helpful to Reef Keepers. Reefix is uniquely engineered to our specification that offers the best balance between adhesion and set time. We have specified Reefix to be a clean high purity grade, ideal for aquatic use.
Reefix can be effectively used for mounting Frags, Corals or Aquascaping your tank. The product will set in or out of water. Corals and Coralline Algae are very happy to grow over this product and quickly adhere to the mounting area whilst frags base out quickly.
Reefix is available in two colours the standard white  and our Real Coralline colour that allows mounted corals to blend to products like real reef rock or coralline algae coated areas of rock and is much less obtrusive and natural looking.
The ease of use of Reefix is a great step forward over two part epoxy and is very simple to reuse. Any surplus can be heated with hot water and returned to its glue state.
Use advantages:
    •    Quick hold and malleability
    •    Sets quickly to final position.
    •    No waste use as much or little as you need.
    •    Easy reuse of excess product.
    •    Clean and easy to work no Super glue or epoxy sticking to         skin.
    •    Available in three sizes 100ml, 250ml & 500ml

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